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With your questions, or to find out your total balance call 520.326.0002

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A note to our residents about Online Payments

The system will notify you that there is a "processing delay" of up to a few days, which is normal. As long as you submit your payment before the opening of business hours on the 4th day of the month you will NOT incur a late fee. The system will time stamp your transaction and the office will credit your payment according to the exact date & time you hit the "submit" button. FOR EXAMPLE: hit submit up to 8:59:59AM = no late fee, 9:00:00AM or later = late fee must be included. In addition, since it is our policy not to accept personal checks once rent becomes late, the same goes for e-checks. If rent is late you can still use the online payment system to pay by credit card only. Any payments that are initiated (or "submitted") AFTER the opening of business hours on the 4th that do not include a late fee or are made by e-check (regardless of the amount) will be automatically rejected by the office. Please remember that the office does not accept partial payments, so if you're unsure of the total amount due call us at 520.326.0002 BEFORE submitting any payments.

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Make a payment using our secure mobile app. The Paylease mobile app lets you quickly pay your rent at Camino de la Sierra Apartments using a credit card or an ACH.

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